How to be Loved & Well Liked By Everyone? [Be All Favourite]

Passionate for love? How to be loved & liked everyone? Read this guide that will help you being loved and liked by everyone! Its time to be all favourite.

As famously quoted “If everyone likes you, you have a serious problem”.  It is next to impossible to be everybody’s favourite. Even the magnificent personalities of the world like M. K. Gandhi, Barack Obama and Mother Teresa have haters. So how can you expect each and every person on this planet to like you?

How to be Loved & Well Liked By Everyone?

Well, don’t be saddened by this fact, as leaving a few exceptions you can try your bit to be loved and liked in general by society. So, here we go with some mantras which will help you to be loved, liked and at the same time respected.

  • Improve your Communication Skills

To leave a good impression, it is the most important thing that you should have excellent communication skills. It is evident that the message that you want to convey should be conveyed and received in the manner it was intended to be.

You should have a clear idea about the thought you want to send to others should be perceived with the same emotion that you wanted it to be.

If there is any mismatch, misunderstandings are bound to arise. So deliver your thoughts with a clear idea.

  • Think before you speak. Try not to hurt anyone with your words.

Good communication skills include speaking as well as listening. So, listening plays an equally important role as speaking. Be patient while listening to others. Give them your undivided attention whenever someone is talking to you. A good communicator is loved by all.

  • Be kind to others

what to do and not to do to get love

“Treat everyone around you the way you want yourself to be treated.”

Give respect to elders and also to the ones who are younger to you. Usually, people neglect those who are younger to them and treat them with inferiority.

You cannot expect the other person to treat you well when you are taking them granted.

So, it is equally important to treat those who are younger to you with equal respect as you respect the elders. Showing little acts of kindness towards others is the best thing one can do. A person who is kind and appreciates everybody is loved and respected by all.

  • Help Others

Here are a few lines from a hymn called ‘beautiful life’.

“Each day I’ll do a golden deed

By helping those who are in need

My life on earth is but a span

And so I’ll do the best I can.”

Each day you should try to help others who need it. (A word of caution: Do not go and help every person you see, i.e., assist only those who need your help.)

But each day you should try to take some time out of your busy life and help others. This may include little acts of kindness like letting others to cross road before barging your vehicle into them, holding a lift meanwhile when you see your colleague coming, etc.

It will not only make you liked by others, but at the same time, you will feel the goodness in you. As the hymn further says, your life on this earth is for a concise period, so try and do the best you can.

In this chaotic life, offering a helping hand is necessary to be loved and liked.

help others

  • Be Social

Well, to become everybody’s favourite ,it is paramount to socialize. A social person has that persona that everybody feels attracted towards him/her. Take that effort to start a conversation with new people. You may never know what’s in store there to enhance your knowledge.

Sometimes, you feel that instant connection and are able to make a good rapport with a friend you have just met. Don’t limit yourself with the same group of 3-4 people around. Branch out and meet new people or maybe old acquaintances whom you have not met for a long time.

Care for others, and you will be cared for. Also, if you will not socialize, How will people discover and know about you? Thus, make a move and talk.

  • Compliment others

Everyone loves to be complimented for almost everything. A person will automatically start hating you subconsciously if you will start a conversation like ” Hey, you look fat.” Even if you intended to just break the ice by starting with a joke, there are chances that you would be misunderstood.

The simple art of complimenting should not be underestimated. If someone has worked hard on a project, appreciate it. If someone is wearing a new shirt, compliment him well. Remember, Karma? You will receive what you gave. Once, you start praising you are bound to receive many.

By practicing the art of appreciating people on a regular basis, you will impart happiness to others and will also feel happiness within.

  • Love others

Before expecting from others to love you or like you, it is evident that you should love them. You cannot expect a person you don’t love to care about you unnecessarily. If someone is Ill, ask him about his health. If someone is suffering from a hard time, comfort him.

When you love and care about someone, the other person can see that affection in your eyes. And thus you receive the care and respect you deserved. If you don’t care about others and misbehave with them, you cannot expect to be liked by them. Even if you don’t like somebody, don’t show them at their face. Be nice to them.

Being nice to others and wishing them are the social obligations that are needed to be followed. So, love others, and you will feel being loved.

  • Be positive

Find goodness in little things. Most people try to stay away from negativity and people who release negative vibes. Spread positivity and love all around. Even if you had a bad day, learn to let it go.

Everybody likes to talk to a person who is cheerful and positive about life. A smile is contagious. Smile a while, and the world will smile with you. At times it becomes quite challenging to stay positive, but you should not let your grumpy mood affect others.

Nobody likes to talk to a peevish person. Stay humble, release positive vibes and people will love you. This is the fundamental rule that will make you liked by people around.

  • Be hygienic

Hygiene is a critical factor to live a healthy and happy life. Even if you are a cheerful person, people are more likely to run away from you if you don’t maintain good hygiene. Have a proper bath, maintain good oral health and most importantly have decent eating habits.

People connect the most when they eat together. So, it is important to have good eating habits and to maintain decent table manners to leave that long lasting impression. Make sure that you should not have a bad odour. It is a scientifically proven fact that people tend to like you more when you smell good. Whether you like it or not, being pretty always pays off well.

  • Be Genuine

be genuine

Never ever try to change your personality to make yourself loved or liked. Just be yourself, and this always works. Don’t try to pretend yourself as someone else. This will have two disastrous effects.

You will not be able to maintain a fake personality for a longer time, and why should you let others think of you as a two-faced personality?

You want others to love you, right? So, why fake it when you can simply ace it by just being yourself. People like to connect with those who are good at heart, who is true to others and who sticks by his words.

Take a genuine interest in other people’s hobbies and interest. Be a good listener. Remember how you feel when the other person is genuinely taking an interest in your conversation? That’s it. The other person will have the same feeling.

  • Acknowledge the difference between men and women

Well, I don’t want to show any gender discrimination here, but there are specific ground rules in the society which should be followed. Even when you go for an interview, this is the format that the lady is greeted before the gentleman.

Show some dignity towards a woman and have your bromance with your bro and vice a versa  It is unfair but the fact that men and women get away differently when it comes to being liked. A woman may make a joke which is offensive to a man, and a man may make a joke which is offensive to a woman.

So, it is important to know that difference to have that camaraderie with your fellows.

  • Develop a good sense of humour

In this world filled with stress, having a good laugh is the best way out. Everyone likes to be surrounded by fun people. It is easier to connect with people when you have a good sense of humour.

You should have that quality of taking a joke on yourself with ease. Don’t get offended on small things. Create a light environment and make everybody laugh out loud. Funny people are loved by all as by their mere presence a cheerful atmosphere builds up.

People feel more comfortable when indulged in a humorous conversation.  Spread happiness, and you will be happy. Make jokes on anything depending on the situation and place you are in. It can be political jokes, jokes related to your profession, etc. Take help from the world of memes. Try to avoid sarcastic comments as it may offend other people.

  • Be fair in your opinions and behaviour

Try to avoid favouritism and nepotism when it comes to people. You need to be very fair and impartial whenever you express your opinion about anything. Listen to others and appreciate their perspective as well.

Don’t be too rigid in your attitude.

Having a flexible attitude is one of the most essential traits required to be liked by people. It does not mean that you should be a pushover. If you feel strongly about an issue, express yourself with full potential but at the same time have that decency to listen to others as well. Show respect to other people’s opinion.

Be fair in your opinions and behaviour

  • Greet others

Offering a token of respect whenever we meet people is the first thing we are taught at the elementary level. Greeting elders, younger ones, strangers, friends is a fundamental part of our tradition and are also the best way to make your very first impression.

People see you with respect and also remember you when you have this habit of greeting everyone you meet. Follow these tried and tested rules when you want to become everyone’s favourite.

  • Be confident

Be confident but not self-centred. Don’t brag about your achievements unnecessarily.  A confident person has a charming personality.

People appreciate and respect you when you have that spark in your eyes. You should be confident in your words when you speak to others. A strong personality is the charismatic one.

  • Love yourself first

Love yourself and respect yourself. Spend time with yourself, analyse your real personality and lose the qualities you do not love about yourself. You should be proud of yourself for the person you are. Don’t treat yourself as inferior to the other person.

Be aware that you are awesome. When you feel confident about yourself not much is needed to be done to make others love you. When you love yourself, the positive attitude towards life can be seen in your eyes. But remember, don’t become a self-centered person in this process. You should feel nice about yourself and then only you can make other people feel good about you.

So, the trick is to love yourself, and you will not just be liked but loved by all.

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