20 Unique Ways to Celebrate a Perfect Birthday [Awesome Birthday Celebration Ideas]

Needless to mention – birthdays are special days. That one day when you feel like a ‘KING’ or ‘QUEEN’. A day when people around you find out ways and want to do everything to make you smile. The attention and care that you get exclusively on the birthday make it a special day of your year.

No matter how old you get, you start to get butterflies in your stomach as soon as you realise that your birthday is near. It’s the same for everyone.

Just as people start to plan to make your day special, it is very likely that you too spend time figuring out the best for your loved ones on their special day. As some years pass, you run out of ideas to celebrate the day in a unique manner.

Cakes and dinners have become redundant. Well, to make your job a little easy, we bring you 20 unique ways to celebrate a perfect birthday – awesome birthday celebration ideas. Go through these 20 ideas and surely, you’ll have plans to celebrate 20 birthdays awesomely.

A few ideas can be implemented for yourself and others can be adopted for making your dear ones surprise and happy. Here we go:

  1. Avalanche of Love

A world which full of balloons, flowers, chocolates and everything sweet. No, you do not have to make‘Powerpuff Girls’.  You have to make the world adorable for the person you love (can be your family member or friend too).

What you have to do? Fill a place preferably your home (every inch of the floor) entirely with balloons or flowers. You can write messages on the balloons or cards on a few selected flowers. Don’t leave a corner empty.

It requires a lot of efforts, but it makes every moment memorable for the birthday person.

Another way to tweak avalanche is to occupy every inch of your place’s ceiling with floating balloons. You can attach photographs or cards with messages through the strings of the balloons.

The same procedure can be done with flowers by placing them upside down using a frame or rack. You can also create soft flowery paths within the place to guide the birthday person towards the next message.

The concept is to create a palace of dreams.

  1. Birthday Carnival

Celebrate your birthday as a festival. Don’t celebrate a day, but a week. Take leave from work for a week. Dedicate a day to one specific activity and celebrate your birthday for a week.

For example, spend a day with a distinct set of people every day of a week such as core family, relatives, in-laws, friends, colleagues, your life partner. Another example is to visit seven nearby towns. One town a day for a week. The concept is extended to other ideas too.

  1. The childhood way

Do you remember how you used to celebrate your birthday when you were a kid? Open your cupboard, take out the old album and refresh those childhood memories.

Plan a childhood like a birthday party. Like some common elements of the early birthdays of most of the 90s born are ribbons, shining birthday caps, a balloon full of chocolates and candies, a cake with numbered candles, neighbourhood friends and small birthday party games.

Let your present enjoy the characteristics of your past.

  1. Villa/Fort Vacation

This idea is for those who like to live their lives KING size.

Well, everyone enjoys authority, power and luxury. Start saving to celebrate your birthday like a King. Many forts are now converted into heritage hotels and hence available as a commercial space.

Book a beach-side villa or a heritage hotel for a day and invite your closest people (friends and family). Throw them a lavishing party like an owner of that place.

It’s better to limit the number of people you invite to become part of such plan as it gives your space to enjoy your day.

  1. Hit the bucket list

Time to pick up the activity of your bucket list which corresponds to your age this birthday. Even if you’re not maintaining a bucket list, it is very likely that you have a few things in the corner of your mind that you always wanted to do.

A birthday celebration is an excellent excuse to spend much on something you have always dreamt of. Make yourself happy by eliminating one entry from your bucket list on your birthday. A self-satisfying idea.

  1. Fundraiser Event with an NGO

“True happiness lies in making others happy.”

Partying, travelling and eating out are fun activities but helping, donating and making people smile gives inner satisfaction. Not every birthday is meant to spend money extravagantly.

You might be knowing the best restaurants around you, but you might not be aware of any needy society or an NGO working within your locality for deprived people. If you are seeking a peaceful birthday celebration without isolating away from people then serving a poor section of society is a good idea.

Organise a fundraiser event with the help of an NGO in your city. Ask your friends and family to volunteer for the function as your birthday gift.

Accepting gifts on birthdays is a common culture. Stand out from the crowd, gift others and make them part of your special day.

  1. Treasure Hunt – The city level

Have you ever taken part in a treasure hunt game in your college? No.

No issues. Hide surprises in a particular order all around the city and make two teams of your friends and family.

Give the birthday boy/girl a hint to the first surprise.

Distribute their friends in the number equal to the number of surprises. Let them find at least a friend with each blow.

Let them hunt for the final surprise where you can throw a surprise party or gift to the birthday boy or girl.

It is a city level treasure hunt as it requires roaming in the streets of the city. It is a highly modifiable idea and equally thrilling.

  1. Rando Party

Are you bored of meeting the same people again and again in parties? Are you looking for some new people in your life? Are you an extrovert? If all answers are ‘yes’, then this idea is for you.

Organise your birthday party but with a rule. The rule is- Every invitee has to bring a  person to the party who doesn’t know the birthday boy/girl called a rando.

Thus such parties include many new faces and perhaps, beginning to some new friendships. It’s a great way to add new people in life.

  1. Hop Friends’ Restaurants

Foodies have something in this list of unique ways to celebrate a perfect birthday.

Make a list of all your friends living in your town.

Visit the first friend and ask their favourite dish and restaurant.

Take them to that restaurant and eat.

Invite the previous friend to join you and jump to the next friend.

Make a large gathering in the end and enjoy your time with all.

There are chances that you might have already eaten in that restaurant. In such a case, ask your friend to opt a new restaurant of their choice.

Eat, drive and enjoy.

  1. DIY Dinner Party

Cooking is a joy. Why don’t you share this joy with your friends and family?

Make sure you fill your pantry with every necessary ingredient.

Invite your friends to your place.

Ask them to make you their signature recipe because it’s your birthday.

Enjoy their cooking skills in the kitchen. Help them. Finally, eat a special homemade dinner.

Another awesome birthday celebration idea for foodies out there.

  1. Non-Terrestrial Party

Have you ever celebrated your birthday in the air or in a water body? No.

Time to plan a party in a private yacht or jet.

Make a group of your closest people. Book a boat or a plane for a few hours to drink, eat and party off the land.

People get married off the ground. Birthday celebration too can take place in a similar manner.  😉

  1. The Wanderer – Road Trip

Long and broad highways represent our lives. Go out on a long road trip on your birthday with a few selected people.

Open the sunroof or window, peep out of it.

Let the cool breeze run through your hair and cheeks. Let the noise of the air block your ears. Close your eyes. Feel like you’re going away from the busy, stressful urban life troubles as you head away from your town.

Road trips are an excellent stress reliever. Try one on your birthday.

  1. Themed Party

Parties are events to enjoy life. Even too much partying can cause boredom. How to maintain the fun of a party?

Add a theme. Horror, superhero, movie character, ancient civilisation and countless other ideas can make a party an event full of humorous incidents. Enjoy your friends and family in a new avatar.

The character of every person in the party would add a new dimension to his/her personality. Therefore, the conversations would not be restricted to formal greetings and work-related.

Kick out those who don’t follow the theme. No one should ruin the decorum of the party.

  1. Adventure Trip

YOLO! SquadGoals! If these slangs inspire you to take risks in your life, then you should consider an adventure trip with your closest buddies on your upcoming birthday.

Skydiving, deep ocean diving, sailing, river rafting, trekking, car rally, bungee-jumping and there are so many activities which rush adrenaline through the veins.

Make your mind and pack your bag to accomplish a once in a lifetime activity on a birthday.

  1. Time travel – relive the birth year

Do you know what other things happened on the day you took birth?

This birthday, live the day when you were born. Collect articles related to that day like newspapers, postage stamps, tickets or photographs.

Find out how your home looked like then, who were the people who lived around you at the point of time. Enjoy a mystery journey to explore your birthday.

  1. Gift yourself

Live your birthday as a person with a dual personality – a person who is a birthday girl and a person who celebrates the birthday of that girl. It’s like making yourself happy on your special day.

Gift yourself. Buy yourself things that you’d gift to a person like you. Treat yourself as a guest and as a host both.

There is no need to delve deep into the idea and develop a disorder. The concept is to make yourself happy and stop relying on others to make your birthday special.

You should be joyous with your own company.

  1. Hire a food truck.

Food is love and spread love on your birthday. Hire a food truck for a day and serve people all around the city.

You may serve for free or for very minimal charges. Take help of the owner and her team, or you can ask your friends to join you.

  1. Adopt a culture

The Internet has everything in its womb (practically servers).

Read about different cultures of the world.

Find out what they do on birthdays and adopt the one you like the most.

No celebration can be more unique than this idea.

  1. Exotic Vacation with your love

Make this birthday memorable by spending romantic nights with your love at some peaceful place.

Most of the vacations involve travelling and visiting popular places. This has to be different.

Don’t go to a place for sightseeing. Take your love to a hill station above clouds or an island with no or very few people or a yacht in a vast ocean.

Spend quality time with them and rejuvenate your relationship with your soul mate on your birthday.

  1. Thank your parents

Never forget that you exist because of your parents and they have given you a day a year to celebrate as your birthday.

You might have spent a lot of time with your parents. You must be aware of their wishes and dreams. It’s time to acknowledge what they’ve given to you.

Go to your parents.

Spend time with them, listen to them. Talk your heart out. Don’t argue.

If you remember any, make a wish come true.

Your birthday is as unique for them as it is for you, remember it.

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