50 Ways to Love Your Partner in a Meaningful Way [Ultimate Guide]

Affection, friendship, love, relationship are all phases that pass with time when you fall in love for someone. Each stage is pleasant, full of memorable moments and makes way for another new experience.

Initially, you want to make everything ‘extraordinary‘ for your partner. You want to make them smile every day and night. As time passes you get out of your ‘extraordinary‘ ways to show your love to your partner.

Sit and think for a moment. Does your partner love you for who you are or for everything ‘extraordinary‘ that you do? Yes, candlelight dinner under the stars is sumptuous. But, practically you can’t spend every night in the same fashion.

Humans are not machines; they don’t run on logic, they run on emotions. Your partner expects loving human values from you more than the expensive worldly articles for entertainment.

We bring you the 50 ways to shower your love on your partner in a meaningful way.

  1. Listen: You are the closest person to your partner. They would want to share all sort of thoughts with you. Keep everything aside, stop multi-tasking and listen to your partner. Give them undivided attention and make them feel how significant they’re for you.


  1. Respect: Love without respect is lust. Respect your partner as an individual, not because you’re associated with them. Appreciate what’s good in them.


  1. Compliment: It’s easy to raise your voice in an argument but little hard when you find something nice about them. Reverse the order. Praise them for what you like; it can be a dress, an idea, skill or sheer beauty. Add weight to your words by being genuine.


  1. Share: You and your partner are like a secret diary of each other. Don’t only listen to them but also share your insights. Embed trust along with love in your relationship.


  1. Help: You are a couple. Don’t hard part your tasks. Help your partner randomly in the kitchen, household works, office projects, groceries or any other work you are good at. Don’t mess things up for them by getting your hands into something you have never tried. Assist and follow instructions, you’ll do good.


  1. Serve: There’s a difference between helping and serving. Helping involves you as assistant to your partner. Serving is solely a voluntary job. Serve your partner when they don’t feel well or when they’re busy with an unexpected call. It is equivalent to taking care of your partner.


  1. Look Good: Acknowledge the fact that your partner loves you too. Put effort on yourself for them. Spend time on keeping yourself fit and smart.


  1. Surprise: Everyone loves surprises. Buy a gift, plan a vacation or an outing, take a leave from your work, invite their friends, there can be myriad ways to surprise your partner. Identify the correct surprise and bring spikes of emotions in your monotonous lives.


  1. No space for a third person: You thought you’d always live happily with your partner. Then reality struck you. Your life has many characters apart from your partner. Similarly, your partner has many more people in their life along with you. Don’t let any third person become a subject of your skirmish frequently. Remember, no other person is as significant as the person you love the most.


  1. Be proactively responsible: Don’t wait for your partner to call you everytime they need you. Take responsibilities on your own. Don’t be hyperactive.


  1. Public Display of Affection: Be an open lover. Don’t hesitate in showing your love for them in front of people. Treat them the same way you treat them secretly that is, with the same emotion.


  1. Avoid comparing: No person is perfect, and perfection is transient. Appreciate what’s good in others but don’t compare it with your partner.


  1. Brag about them: Share the qualities of your partner with your friends and families while conversing. Boast off your partner’s traits in gatherings.


  1. Cook a meal: Food is love. Prepare an excellent recipe exclusively for your partner with a delicate presentation. Make them smile with your secret romantic chef.


  1. Be original: Efforts make people feel special more than the outcomes. You can’t be good at everything, and it is obvious. You can get a lot of things done by paying for them, but they would lack your true emotions like if you want to write for your partner, then write yourself; don’t rely on the internet.


  1. Nicknames: Assign an exclusive nickname to your partner and use that name only to address them as the second person. Every time they’d hear that name it’d remind them about you.


  1. Celebrate: Life is a celebration of small victories or complaining about every little thing; make a choice. Celebrate every achievement of your partner. Create occasions of joy.


  1. List of dislikes: It is equally essential to be aware of the dislikes of your partner along with the likes. Be it the taste of songs, colours, clothes, habits everything should be there in your list. Observe or ask if you don’t know.


  1. Encourage: Boost the confidence of your partner whenever they feel low. Make them believe in their abilities and help them in discovering their self-belief. Don’t criticise.


  1. Hug: Don’t just wrap your hands around. Squeeze your partner close to your body, hold for at least for 3-4 seconds and kill their negative emotions without saying a word. That’s how you hug a person you love.


  1. Kiss: The ultimate symbol of showing love – kissing. Don’t miss a chance to kiss your partner. Remember, kissing different body parts convey different emotions like kissing on the forehead conveys a sense of security and respect. Find out more.


  1. Play together: Games are exciting. Play games (either indoors or outdoors, either board games or video games) with your partner and enhance your bonding. It brings us to the next way to love your partner in a meaningful way.


  1. Team Up: You are a couple, you’re a team. You know each other very well, you both can overcome or help in overcoming each other’s limitations. Work as a team when you are doing something together. Support your partner and cherish their success.


  1. Call/text randomly: Missing them, call them. If you pass through something which reminds you of your partner, then connect with them and tell the story.


  1. Little gestures/touches: Looking into your partner’s eyes while talking to them, holding their hand while walking, caressing their face, touching them (not sexually) are all small gestures that remind that they’re the love of your life.


  1. Give space: Undoubtedly you’re the closest person to your partner. It doesn’t mean that your partner has lost individuality. Let your partner take their decisions (without your influence), spend time with their friends, fulfil their goals and most importantly live as they wish.


  1. Feed: Feed your lover to feed your relationship. One of the best way to shower love and care.


  1. Be flexible: You and your partner’s choices may clash. It’s not imperative that you both agree with each other. Hence, be flexible with your options when it comes to your partner.


  1. Take a stand: Defend your loved one. Take a position on their behalf against everything that bothers them. Don’t let them suffer or fight alone.


  1. Acknowledge: As you do a lot of things for your loved one, they also consistently put efforts for you. Notice the small changes that your partner does for you. Appreciate them.


  1. Never assume: You both have been together for a very long period. Spending time with someone doesn’t overpower the variable minds. Never guess how your partner would react to your actions. Clarify things when you’re in doubt. It doesn’t question your trust, but it mitigates the chances of miscommunication.


  1. Don’t fix but support: You are not Superman, even Superman can’t fix everything. Accept that there are some battles which an individual has to fight alone like the death of a family member, a chronic disease etc. Your partner would want your support in those situations instead of you getting adrenalised.


  1. Avoid use of ‘always’ and ‘never’: Fights are common among couples. Don’t make them worse by dragging past into it. Use of words like ‘always’ and ‘never’ deeply hurt people. Such words shake off the cornerstone of the trust. So be aware while raising your voice in anger.


  1. Fulfil promises: Always remember your vows and start working on them immediately. Your partner might be desiring it to come true soon.


  1. Courtesy words: ‘Please’, ‘sorry’ and ‘thank you’ are not for strangers only. Your partner won’t ask you to be polite, but they’d start noticing the difference in the custom you treat them and the people outside. Don’t take your partner for granted. Remember, courtesy words are for people you care.


  1. Ask for advice: Asking for advice also includes sharing information with your partner. Your partner wants best for you, acknowledge this by seeking their views before taking a decision.


  1. Do their part without complaining: If your partner wakes up late on a day and doesn’t prepare breakfast for you then don’t get displeased. You can do their job. Don’t complain about your partner, assume yourself at their place first before making a thought.


  1. Learn new things: Building a habit or learning new things is an excellent way of exploring people. Learn a language or music or dance or any other thing together to intensify your bond. Don’t compete with your partner, just admire the smile when they perform something new.


  1. Accept their family and friends: You would not want to add stress to your partner by dividing them between you and their near ones. Accept and live happily with your partner’s family and friends.


  1. Spoon in bed: Work is tiresome, days are hectic yet don’t go to bed as if you alone are living a hustling lifestyle. Take out some time for a tender session in bed with your partner every night.


  1. Recreate memories: Spice up your relationship by reminding your partner about the initial phases of your relationship. Visit the restaurants, cafes or places you used to go. Make your relationship blossoming again.


  1. Forgive: Life is long, and humans tend to make mistakes. You can’t spend your life with a person who reminds you of any error constantly. Forgive and move on. Always remember that your partner wishes best for you.


  1. Admit your mistake: Don’t argue what is right and who is wrong. Keep your partner above and your relationship above your ego. Face your fault and accept when you’re wrong. Don’t give lame excuses to make it worse.


  1. Be a friend: Friendship differs from a love relationship. Change your role when it requires. Think as a friend when your partner needs a person who cares but who is not possessive, who listens but also expresses, who is sweet but doesn’t ignore the reality.
  2. Be happy: As you want to make your partner smile, your partner wishes the same. Your happiness is their tonic. Stay happy for your partner.


  1. Dealing with children: “Who is your favourite – mom or dad?”. Never ever overrule your partner’s decision to get featured in answer to the question mentioned above. Your victory lies in the success of your partner. Praise your partner in front of your kids and make them respect both.


  1. Never make them count: Do things for yourself, do everything for your love to your partner. Never make them compute how much effort or money you have burnt for them. It would be the worst thing you’d do to your relationship.


  1. Read: You call your partner ‘baby’ then read stories to your ‘baby’ in bed. Read novels, poems, short stories or anything uncontroversial. Improve your reading skills if you’re not a good reader.


  1. Your better half: Acknowledge that you’re incomplete without your partner. So involve your partner in your life completely. Don’t keep secrets and don’t keep them unaware of the day’s happenings. Make them feel that your lives are connected.


  1. Say, “I love you.”


Love can’t be restricted to 50 ideas. The number is only indicative. Just look at your partner, feel your heartbeat, and you’ll realise what you should do to love them more.

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