How To Make a Good First Impression at Work, College & Party?

Going for party? How to make a good first impression at party? A college student or worker? How to make a good first impression at workplace or college?

You must have been in a dilemma whether to be yourself or to be prepared to give a lasting first impression. Yes? Well, I do get whenever I entered any new phase in my life. And, trust me it’s the first impressions only that occupies a more substantial part of people’s memory.

The firsts are fascinating and hence, make it worth. First impressions = Dress well? NO! It is a huge misconception that a first impression comes from the way you dress.

Dressing well does help in making the first impression, but it won’t alone take you far as there are things which are more crucial than dressing such as how well you handle yourself amidst various situations, people and in phases of your life!

First impressions are your unsung silent glory. A subtle, indirect way of letting people know how you are and how people should treat you.

It forms an opinion about you in public. And, how far and inexpensive is the value of a good reputation is – hope you’re aware of it! You never get a second chance to give the first impression, remember.

Before you enter any new phase of your life or any role, it’s recommended to reflect how others would perceive you. These first impressions often turn into long-term perceptions, so be very careful.

People around are always observing you.  They make assumptions on your every move and conduct. So, let them be impressed and adore you. *winks*

How To Make a Good First Impression at Party?

Here are some tips on how to present yourself to give a stellar first impression in some of the spheres mentioned.

Whether you’re planning to host a party or you are a guest to a party, there are certain rules to abide by. Planning for outfits is not the only thing that needs to be considered rather specific etiquettes, too.

It has been said that be the kind of host and guest you want to have. And hence, if you follow this line religiously- you’ll have a great time be being a host or a guest!

Hence, keeping your dignity unbroken (and professionalism, at office parties), here are a few points to look over before you head.

How To Make a Good First Impression at Party as host?

If you’re the host :

Careful consideration of the guests’ list:

We all have friends from different spheres. But, to avoid any awkward ordeal to sit through – consider the guests before inviting them; they must at least know each other, anyhow or at least, have something in common- so that they can gel up amongst easily.

This will help to create an ambiance, and a happier, friendly party is the ultimate party that can give you lifelong gaily moments to remember.

If in case,  your guests’ list has names of people who have never met each other, try to arrange one ‘anchor’ (or you may also take up this role) and welcome the newcomers in the circle smoothly.

Plan Ahead:

As you’re the one who’s the organiser, be considerate to your guests’ dietary constraints while preparing the menu. Ask them, in advance.

Hire helpers:

This will help you to move around and would give you enough time to socialize with your friends. You won’t be stuck doing and managing the chores throughout the party. Your attention and acknowledgement to them count, equally.

Conveyance ease:

If the place seems far off or your guests are new to the city or the ending hours of the party are not calculated – kindly, keep reliable transport facility on standby to drop (or pick from) them at their respective places, safely.

Making announcements/ Handling toasts:

Whenever you want your guests’ attention, always gently call them for the same with a little formal announcement.  With this keep them well-informed about any events to be held in the party.

It will increase their excitement and involvement which would make them rejoice, more. Adhere to the etiquettes of acceptable toasting.

Thank your guests:

While your guests are leaving, bid them goodbye by acknowledging them at the door. Also, in a day or two follow up with a thank –you card or a text message or a call or a little meet with a token of gesture. Do not forget to acknowledge if anyone has helped you through the preparations or have brought gifts. Appreciate their efforts.

If you’re the guest:

How To Make a Good First Impression at Party as guest?

Your aura:

People are inclined to those who give out positive vibes. And, hence this is the main difference between people who are found fascinating and whereas others fail to stop themselves from drawing towards them.

Always wear a gracious smile. Be positive and don’t hesitate to socialize.

Don’t be late (Arrival):

Because if you arrive late, you show irreverence to the party. It makes you appear rude and uncivilized. You might not have such intentions, but this is what the message goes.

Arriving on time thus makes them believe that you have a regard for them and value their time.

No rushed departure but never stay too late:

Hurriedly leaving a party gives an impression that you had no interest and had no involvement in the party. It will just be considered as merely a formal mandate ritual.

It might cost your respect and relation, altogether. At least, stay balanced if, not more. Give your host time, attention and excitement. Leave the party only after you’ve informed your hosts.

Also, do not stay up for long. It might cause discomfort which is often understood and would not be shown.


The reason that forms the backbone of any party or get-together(s). People accept invitations and look forward to some over some parties so that they can know people well or at least could have a chance to meet a few they intend to meet.

Treat everyone with respect (even, the younger ones) and talk to them very politely. Make them feel good while they talk to you. It might pave a way to newer friendships or contacts.

Being good:

Person/people might tend to arrive at a party whom you don’t like. It might be an inherent dislike, jealousy or might be your foe. But, hold your horses.

Keep calm. Reconsider your emotions. Don’t be impulsive.

Greet them with a smile, too. Avoid any arguments. Be courteous and pleasant to them even if, they are the opposite. Act maturely.

How to get to know people:

Generally, it is recommended to keep small talk to whomsoever you meet. But, still, you may get to know them well.

Strike a conversation like, as if you were best friends. Try to tell stories or facts that are interesting. They’ll be more attentive to you, and other people might get along, too. Keep it precise and be modest.

Don’t bring in any controversial topics or any brag or gossips. Remember you need to meet as many people as you can. So, don’t stick onto any. Keep aside your ego or shyness, too. Let them talk too, to know them more.

Drink and eat moderately:

PARTIES = Free food+Fun+Booze+People

That’s what sums up a party, usually. But, the main part of the party is networking. Socialising. And, there’ll be no better opportunity than this.

Be it professional or personal. You have a good chance to slide in to make new connections and widen up your circle with much ease. Better concentrate on meeting, greeting and getting to know people rather food.

Don’t eat in a rush or hungrily that shows you have no mannerisms. Also, drink responsibly. Never show it off, in any manner. It may deplete your reputation, in no time.

Mind your dining Ps and Qs:

Before you hop on the food, kindly wait until you’re asked to do so by the host.

Let the host initiate. But if he asks you may start, oblige. Pace yourself and be moderate in speed. Don’t hang-in near the counters. Let other people come there too. Take in little amounts so that you don’t waste and look decent. (Control your hunger pangs, if any).

Gift your host:

Be courteous enough to take a present along with you. It is a sign of respectable gesture. Not expensive but you may gift a thoughtful item. Keeping in consideration the needs and sentiments of the host.

Dress accordingly:

Parties can be of any kind. From professional to personal to casuals, anything. But still, be mindful enough to gauge the right environment and dress accordingly.

If any dress code, follow it. It is a sign of your involvement. Dress in context with the type of the party and season. Never overdo.

Thank your host generously:

Firstly, always leave the party after you’ve informed them. And, thank them any time in between the party if you get an opportunity.

Your acknowledgement and feedback means a lot to them. Praise the food, preparations and the hospitality with an open heart. But, stay genuine. Don’t exaggerate. ( You may also follow up after a day or two to let them know how much you’ve enjoyed, and thank them for inviting you.)

How To Make a Good First Impression at College?

Congratulations, if you will be going to college soon-er! It calls for a complete revamp. College is the most beautiful journey you’ll have in your life.

You must’ve had heard from people around you about all the thrills, excitement, etc. must have enveloped you. So, before you get ready for the roller-coaster journey of the college, we bring you some tips that might help you to deliver your best first impression!

How To Make a Good First Impression at College?

What’s in trend on campus:

Yes, it’s true that everyone has a different taste and would dress according to their ease and comfort. But still, to make the first better impression. You need to go a little extra mile.

Also, remember its college and no more your school. You have to say goodbye to your old thoughts for your own sake.

Check out what’s the latest fashion on the street and what’s allowed on the campus. Dress smartly and be yourself. The way you dress and carry yourself, matters. As that’s the first thing people will learn about you.

Not encouraging to spend all your savings on branded clothes, be wise.

Be Confident:

Keep reminding yourself your worth and value your self-respect. These two traits will go a long way to make you adaptable to any situation or place. Don’t be cocky. You might send a negative message to people that would make them go away.

Be an amateur and mature:

College life is vast if, you desire to live through it. Always be curious and an avid learner. Never be a know-it-all person. Keep searching for all the answers you want.

Explore your college, know the environment, seniors, professors, clubs, courses, classes-everything! Go beyond what you already know. Ask for help from your peers, seniors or professors. They’ll be so happy to quench your curiosity.

College life in itself is a great teacher, remember. And this, curiosity will take you places. This will make you feel so charismatically active that people would love to help you, know you and work with you.

College is the best place in your life to learn course skills and life skills at max. Rather your childish, arrogant and rude behaviour, your maturity exhibited will be noticed and appreciated more. This would certainly increase your respect in the eyes of people.

Being an extrovert:

College is vast. You’ll get to see new faces each day. Don’t miss this beautiful time of your life in keeping yourself confined to a box or in your ego. Try to move outside your cocoon and practice how to socialise. Nurture your networking skills. People are drawn to those who are easily approachable and make them feel cosy enough. Who knows, you might become a popular face!

Treat people well:

Don’t fear to make eye contact, have a firm handshake and greet people with a smile. Be attentive to them and welcome them with an open heart. Call people by their names. Show a genuine interest in them. Befriend people as many as you can. Your network is your net worth, remember.

Also, approach professors. Introduce yourself. Develop a relationship with them. Remember, first impression is not only about your mates.


Look for all the available courses-academically and as any extracurricular. Whatever catches your interest, pursue it with passion. And, keep learning about it. Be active and try to know about your area at max. Try to become a pro. So that your name would be the first that would come across people’s mind whenever any thing crops up related to that field.

Get along with the feel of college ambience:

Everyone has those jitters. But, instead of acting as if you’ve none. Better embrace it and act naturally as who you’re. Feel pleasant and cheerful about your current situation.

Don’t get anxious/worried:

If things aren’t going that great. Dust-off and start a new because you want to learn. You want to grow. Also, everyone out there is as nervous as you are.  Never give up on yourself. God helps those who help themselves. Feel free. Don’t stress much. Keep it simple and smooth.

How To Make a Good First Impression at Work?

So, by now you’ve already got to know the importance of first impressions. After your celebration, let’s see how to fit in and rock at your gig. Here are some few points that might help you. Check them out!

How To Make a Good First Impression at Work?

Your attitude says it all:

New life. New Designation. Professionalism and adulting. New challenges, responsibilities, tasks and of course, an enormous pressure to handle it well. In such a situation, keep your within anxiety quiet, be confident and keen to learn about the environment, people, your role, tasks etc.

Showing positivity shows how strong you are and your courage to take things head-on.

Try to gain something from every experience. Always remember, in an organisation not only your work but your behaviourism is also under observation, in all aspects.

Research well:

To sync with what is being expected from you and how can you produce the intended results, do homework well, in advance. Try to know your manager’s expectations from you, your company’s missions, goals, objectives, their approaches, team members, colleagues, etc.

And now see, how can you fit in so that you can be a resourceful person for them. You may follow up on social media where the company’s presence can generally be noticed.

Groom yourself well:

Better talk to your HR and ask about the dress code of the company. Because, the way you dress sets an impression, significantly. Each workplace has its kind of clothing to be followed like, business professional, business casual and casual.

Better to ask well, in time and observe people around you. Make sure that you’re neat, distinct, well-groomed and according to the dress code.

“Dress for the job you want instead of the job you’re doing.” Let this be your motivation.

Ask questions:

It’s evident that nobody can be a know-it-all in the room. And, whatever clarification you seek for, you need to ask relevant questions. It’s appreciative when you are curious and want to know more about the place, policies, your field, tasks, etc. It makes you go noticed, and people are impressed by your active self-participation.

Communicate openly with your managers. Listen more and talk less.

Arrival and departure:

Now, this is a simple social rule which all of us are following. That is, to arrive on time and leave when it ends or a little early then that. But, watch out! There might be some unspoken rules of punctuality embedded in your company culture.

Hence, come on time or even early. Plan your work accordingly. You can’t go home at 5 in your 9-5 shift and can get all the job done. Yes! You got it right. You’ll be taken as a clock watcher and person who is seen working beyond the 9-5 will be termed as a go-getter (even if, he doesn’t contribute much). Because that’s how it works (most of the time)! Observe when everyone around you generally leaves. If in 9-5 people are leaving by 6, pay attention. Else, you’ll be tagged as a one who skips out early. Take cautious steps, initially.

Try to maintain a good attendance record.

Be grateful to your former role/ job:

No matter whatever has happened in your past. Let it go. If not, at least don’t make office and colleges as a place to outburst your emotions. Try to make peace with it. Criticizing your previous workplace is unprofessional activity. It’s going to cost you in future endeavors. So, better to make that a happy end.

Don’t ask for or complain:

Initially, if you aren’t happy with what is being provided by your company, don’t whine or complain. Don’t go straight away and ask for upgrades. You’re new! You need to wait for some time. Be happy with what you’ve. Also, before confirming you get a chance to negotiate things. Wait for your review.

Till then try to be a high performer, increase your value!

Get to know your colleagues:

“Take time to meet and engage in small talk with each person in your department,” Randall told Business Insider. “Judge for yourself.”

Your most of the time will now be at the office, and hence, it’s required to know people around you. To get familiarized with their behaviorism. Greet them with the smile and treat respectfully. Keep the conversations based on work and have a small talk, while you’re new.

Remember their names and something important if, it’s notable. Try to collect a business card.

Be open to learning:

You mustn’t be obstinate enough to work with either old ideas or even older methodologies. You should show your openness and be adaptable to learn newer ways to do things. Be humble enough while trying out. You may share your past such experiences but don’t claim them to be the only better option. Be receptive.

Participate/ Volunteer:

Attend all training and orientation sessions. Take a note. Read the manual if, provided. Your participation shows the interest eagerness to learn more and to get on board, faster.

Once you get comfortable in your new place, volunteer new tasks or join committees.

Keep personal life, aside:

Of course, you can’t completely ignore your commitments. But, yes you need to keep them at minimal. Or deliver all that you can quickly and discreetly. Try to give your maximum attention and time to your company and your work.

Be thankful:

Show your appreciation to all (from the receptionist to the office boy) those who have helped you through your jitters, doubts and fears –during the initial stage while you joined. Be courteous.

Abide by formal/informal office rules/ policies:

Know the general dynamics of the office. Get familiar with your workplace’s procedures. And know, how to include it in your daily office routine. You need to be very observant and adaptable.

Above mentioned are some approaches that might help you to ease your way and role according to your situation. Always remember, from what you say to how you act-people notice you. As it makes up your reputation, in public! So, be mindful.

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