10 Tips to Plan a Vacation You Will Love [Step-By-Step Guide]

Tired of your work & planning a trip on vacation? Well, here is our step-by-step guide with top 10 tips tp plan a vacation you will love!

Travel planning is so time-consuming, overwhelming and cumbersome! Hence, if you are unaware of the know-hows on planning a trip, this guide is for you!

Whether it’s a solo travel or a family vacation or an exchange program or anything, you need this refreshing experience to be absorbed in and to have priceless memories that too, without too much stress in the planning phase.

Just don’t jitter and sway away in your excitement. Let it be the fuel that drove you through this.

Sometimes, you know everything on how to spend your vacation. But, proper planning has no substitute. A better-planned trip will never cut your pockets deeper and would avoid all the hassle and confusion caused due to last minute decisions. You need to put in your time and efforts to it, no doubt. You may also navigate and scroll through the various apps available.

10 Tips to Plan a Vacation You Will Love

So, if you don’t know from where to start and how to? Hopefully, the below-mentioned mini-guide might help you to save some money, time and your sanity!

Here are 10 tips to keep you focused and lets you plan a vacation that you’ve thought of!

  • Pick your destination, its length and company

The foremost thing is to, decide where do you want to head to? It would set a goal towards which you need to work. Hence, channelized efforts will make your trip concrete, and it is easier to plan and commit to, which is definite.

For this, you need to realize what do you expect out of it? Do you want to explore? Or Relax? Into an entirely new place? Many different places are fascinating, and you can go to. Choose according to your mood and taste. And, just like we begin the business with the end in mind. Same goes while we are preparing ourselves to travel.

This will help to sort out our options well.

Also, decide both in the distance and in time, that how far can you go? (Because you need to save for that! )

Avoid peak season. But, readily take up any off-season opportunity if, that suits your timeline. It will enrich your experience in many little ways.

Other than this, if you have a choice with whom you want to travel, choose carefully. Travelling companions greatly affect your trip.

Involve people if it’s a getaway with friends or family vacation and be focused and confident if that’s your solo trip.

  • Research

The best guides are the people who have already been to the places, you intend to go. So, hop on to their blogs where they shared their experiences or hit social media and talk to fellow travellers or ask your friends and colleagues if, they had been there.

The advantage is you’ll get to learn from their mistakes and also, the tiniest details that they’ll share – that’s the real treasure!

Also, you may go to bookstores-browse or get a guidebook, google everything-like prices, pre-requisites, watch some travel shows, make phone calls, go to forums/social media, send emails, etc. Get in touch with your tribe (the travellers). Ask questions. Be curious. Ask for help and advice. Don’t be a ‘know-it-all’ dude.

You may even work with a travel agent. But, be careful while choosing a one. I understand that no one wants to involve them, in between. But the benefits are immense. If you wish to, you may try this.

They generally have a thorough knowledge of popular resorts, have their own connections, several deals and plans that you can’t ever find yourself! Also, they research for you. You can save a lot of your time in it. As research sometimes makes you go fray and lost!

  • Book tickets

Make sure you’ve researched all the available deals. They do save a lot of your bucks. Don’t overlook this little trick. You may also use various comparison sites that would help you, further. And, you can scroll though this tedious job by various apps like Hopper, Google flights etc. These will let you plan your flights well, in advance.


It tells the best time to book so as to get them at lower prices. The latter, lets you compare flight timings and prices. There are many other apps available according to the places or globally that would fasten your work. Some apps also help you to track your timing in context with the flight, too.

Also, you may download Skyscanner– this is a comparison site that searches millions of flights from all the available airlines and once, you choose – you’re taken to the airline to make your bookings (no extra cost). It has the best travel deals.

You may also, visit websites of airlines individually. Sometimes, they too have lower fares only available on their own page.

  • Staying options

Depending on the length of the vacation and place, we may switch between various accommodation options that are available. And, don’t keep waiting you’ll lose your favourite/top picks.

If the trip is longer than a weekend getaway, it’s preferable to choose to stay in apartments or an Airbnb. Of course, several benefits are there like, you have your own kitchen (saves money and many options), laundry, many rooms (split the cost if, travelling with friends or another family) etc. It’s more enthralling, cheaper and practical. But of course, if it’s a small staycation or just a travelling duo, hotel stay would suffice. In this, you may use some hotel credit cards, sign-up bonus, points etc. to save a little while booking your rooms in hotels.

Again, there are various booking sites that might help you to choose the best amongst like, Agoda, booking.com etc. You may also get in contact with the people on some hospitality sites.

  • Pack smartly

Packing- is another mind-boggling task. Dragging heavy luggage becomes stressful, in no time! You aren’t advised to take the entire home with you. Be flexible. This is what travelling will teach you.

Hence, pack the bare minimum (“halve your clothes, double your budget”).

To pack things know the environ there, pack according to the activities you’ll do, type of accommodation and take along all your gadgets or books.

Packing cells can be used.

Take along comfy, versatile and neutral colour clothes that go with anything and if required to change, won’t harm your style statement.

  • Sort itinerary

Outline the major activities you wish to do. Review if in case, you need extra money or accessories or equipment for it. Any sort of last adjustments can be made. There’s always a lot to do in a city.

Be it market strolls, music events, art classes, coking set-ups, must-visit tourist attractions etc. Apps may also help you with it whether you’re travelling solo, duo or in a group- doesn’t matter. It helps you to plan activities rather just booking a stay.

Also, you may research and book your tickets, in advance. You may seek help from tourist board websites, hotel receptionist, guidebooks, Instagram, Facebook, ask local people etc.

Other than the things you wish to do and see, also know where to splurge large. Like know, where to eat. As hotels may charge you extra, you may try out some joints that are found outside, not only you’ll save some bucks but also, you’ll have the tinge of local taste.

It will a way more satisfying. And, being local is the ultimate trick to explore the place at its best. You may also do your own barbeque.

Don’t spend on over-expensive drinks. It will drain you both ways.

Trip planning in such a manner is quite meticulous which will let you explore at max, and you’ll cherish the moments.

  • Required documents

You must be well aware of all the required documents that are needed and prepare them well, in advance. Make sure you have hard copies of everything that’s needed. From your ID proof to the tickets and the booking reservations. Misplacement of any of these will cause undue stress and will take away your excitement and time.

For the sake of your peace of mind, take the print out of all the relevant documents like passports, visas, flight tickets, itineraries, hotel reservations, credit cards, discount vouchers etc.

Figure out transportation options: Many cities in developed and developing countries have public transport facility. Try to make use of it. But tickets for local trains and trams. Some also have an option of a tourist pass where you can pay the minimum and can travel in any mode. It might also give you some discounted deals on some tourist attractions, museums and restaurants.

  • Travel Insurance

If you can’t afford travel insurance then you mustn’t travel. Yes! Mark my words. It’s such a no-brainer and the peace of mind you get through it so priceless. Now, the question arises, why we might need this?

Now, especially if it’s an overseas trip, you must get it. As in the case, you need to cancel your trip unexpectedly, or any environmental calamity occurs and has caused havoc at your destination or maybe some internal political/terrorist interference and disturbances, or you might get unhealthy or that your luggage is stolen or maybe you have lost your ticket or passport etc. Anything unwanted happens or any incurred losses while travelling, travel insurance will help you to recover your expenses.

  • Money, Internet and phone Access

Foremost, it’s better to notify your bank well, in advance about your travel, where to and when. So that they won’t put a freeze on your card if, they see some unusual timeline of transactions been done from a faraway place.

Now, while you’ll be on travel to access money – we prefer both ease and convenience. Do check your savings account before you head to your destination. Your card could belong to a checking account whereas your travelling destination might ask the same to be as savings if, you want your card to work there. So, check with your respective banks, regarding this.

Better to be open with options when it comes to access money. Be it through credit cards, debit cards, cash, points, travel money cards, etc.

Use your credit card reward points while booking hotels/rooms/transport etc.

Now, if you’re travelling solo make sure you’re in contact with at least someone. Make sure your smartphones are charged and are capable enough to be used.

Though almost everyone nowadays, carry and travel with smartphones. But, do carry along the other gadgets that would provide data connection and an internet plan.

Make sure you can use local SIM cards there. Also, while using WiFi don’t reveal your identity. Keep in check with the information you provide to the foreign connections available there.

Research well on the data plans and sim cards, for your destination.

  • Stay Motivated and Organised

You’ve worked hard to sort all the things out. Now, you’re about to embark on an adventure. Stay motivated and organised while you’re making preparations.

Enjoy, embrace and cherish the moments. Remember, that you can’t have it all. Unless you have an unlimited amount of money and time to go to places and have your time. So, of course, you can’t have everything you’ve dreamed of.

But yes, let it not get spoiled by any kind of stress, disappointments etc. anything, that’s left has already opened the gate for a repeat trip. Therefore, vacation or a trip or a getaway is to make our lives better, for relaxation and to add on to more new experiences.

Just trust your planning and preparations, follow your gut, and you’ll have a trip of a lifetime!This guideline will help you to explore almost everything, not to miss out onto anything and you would never run short of money or need to go out of your budget.

So, don’t fret! Go on your trip and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

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